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A healthy environment is based on a complete plan of action. This breakthrough disinfection system, together with our state-of-the-art Far-UV Sterilray Disinfection Wand are guaranteed to make your home healthier.

In The Kitchen...
We disinfect all cabinets and appliances. We move your small appliances and other items on your counter and disinfect the counter area. We disinfect the tops of all items and replace them where we found them. We disinfect your sink and thoroughly disinfect your floor.

In Your Bathrooms...
We disinfect showers, tubs, toilet and sinks. We disinfect all fixtures and treat any mildew. We disinfect your mirrors and the shower door tracks. We move most vanity items and disinfect your counter areas. We disinfect the tops of vanity items and replace them. We disinfect your bathroom cabinets and floors.

In All Rooms...
We disinfect lights, mini-blinds and other vertical appliances. We disinfect wall decorations, picture frames, light switches, window sills, doors and door handles. We disinfect all furniture and all decorative items. We disinfect all desktops and pay special attention to electronics such as computer keyboards and mice. Rest assured, we do not disturb anything on your desktops. Sterilray is non-destructive and will not damage any of your prized valuables.

The Sterilray™ technician will prepare a "treatment" designed around the unique details of your home and your personal disinfection requirements.

You can expect a consistent, thorough disinfection and the highest level of personal service with every visit.

We will conduct an in-home consultation and provide you a disinfection estimate.
Our thorough disinfection process includes everything on this list and more.

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Far-UV Sterilray Disinfection Wand

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