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Commercial Disinfection

Protect your employees

Effective disinfection is a critical requirement of all employers to prevent the spread of disease. Today special attention needs to be paid to the following aspects when making public health risk evaluations: epidemic disease spread, group incidence of a specific disease, food-inflicted disease, vector organism and its control, and environment safety.

As specialists in commercial disinfection, Sterilray Disinfection Service understands how important it is to provide a healthy business environment. We specialize in creating and maintaining healthy working environments to protect your clients and your customers, and to make your employees safe. Our expert commercial disinfection services ensure a worry-free way for your business to maintain a professional atmosphere on a daily basis.

We do the work - so you can concentrate on your business. Whether you require daily commercial disinfection services or a weekly or monthly commercial disinfection service, Sterilray will customize a commercial disinfection program specifically geared for your business and will provide you with a Sterilray technician capable of undertaking all of your regular disinfection requirements. From receptions to washrooms, we have the resources and expertise needed to exceed your commercial disinfection expectations.

Our disinfection programs are designed around your particular requirements and commonly entail the following services:

• Public space
• Public restrooms
• Kitchen and breakfast areas
• Restaurants and bars
• Fitness centers
• Executive offices
• Carpet disinfection
• Spas
• Guest room deep disinfection

We provide services for:
Office buildings
Manufacturing facilities
Medical offices
Schools and churches
Retail facilities

Types of Commercial disinfection Services
We provide disinfection services for all types of buildings, from office buildings to retail locations to industrial plants. It does not matter to us whether you have a small ice cream store or hundreds of rooms in a corporate office, we are ready to take care of your disinfection needs.

We also offer a variety of commercial disinfection service packages to suit your every need, whether it is the occasional disinfection service or daily deep disinfection during the flu season. Please contact us to get your free price quotes. If you have any other questions about us or your disinfection needs, please feel free to contact us.


Far-UV Sterilray Disinfection Wand

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