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School Disinfection

Protect your students and teachers

As specialists in disinfection, the Sterilray Disinfection Service understands how important it is to provide a clean school environment. We specialize in creating and maintaining clean working environments to impress your parents and your students, and to make your faculty feel right at home. Our expert school disinfection services ensure a worry-free way for your school to maintain a healthy environment.

We do the work - so you can concentrate on your goal, educating our youth. Whether you require daily disinfection services or a weekly or monthly service, Sterilray will customize a school disinfection program specifically geared for your building and will provide you with a professional team of disinfection staff, capable of undertaking all of your regular disinfection requirements. From washrooms to locker rooms, we have the resources and expertise to exceed your disinfection expectations.

Our school disinfection programs are designed around your particular requirements and commonly entail the following services:

Daily school disinfection
Specialist disinfection
Locker room disinfection
Carpet disinfection
Sports equipment disinfection
Hard and soft floor disinfection
Washroom disinfection
Common area disinfection

Supported by strict quality control, Sterilray's school disinfection services are performed in accordance with the specifications and frequencies detailed in your school disinfection contract. Every Sterilray technician is screened and referenced prior to employment, and then regularly trained in product usage and school disinfection procedures as part of their school disinfection career with us. All Sterilray technicians are neat in appearance, carry proper company identification.

Whether you need daily school disinfection, contract disinfection, sports related disinfection, industrial disinfection, commercial disinfection, or carpet disinfection, our school disinfection programs are designed specifically to meet your exact demands.

Flexible in our work, we customize our school disinfection services to your needs and work outside of normal school hours during weekday evenings and weekends to make sure your school disinfection requirements are met.

Sterilray would like the opportunity to submit a proposal for disinfection service for your building or school. Our purpose in compiling this information is to offer you the finest available service at the lowest possible cost. Sterilray will make a complete survey of your building to ensure that we can provide you with the services that you desire.

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Jobs with high germ risk

• Teacher
• Accountant
• Banker
• Radio DJ
• Doctor
• Television producer
• Consultant
• Publicist
• Lawyer

Source: "Germs in the Workplace" studies,
Charles Gerba, University of Arizona, 2001

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