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Surfaces were swabbed before and after the Sterilray treatment. All surfaces were exposed for approximately one second with the Far-UV Sterilray Disinfection Wand! Increasing treatment time will produce a greater reduction of pathogens on surfaces that have very high concentrations prior to treatment.


cafe table

The cafeteria tables looks clean, chances are it's hiding some germs. That's why we focus on disinfecting all lunch tables as completely as possible so you don't have to worry about what's hiding on the surface.

lunch counter

Clean counters may be the most important safeguard against germs in your kitchen. The Sterilray technician disinfect every square inch of your cafe counters.

classroom table

Classroom tables still harbor germs and bacteria even when they look clean. A once over with the Far-UV Sterilray Disinfection Wand greatly reduces the colonies on them.


Classroom keyboards are touched by lots of students throughout a typical school day. Most people end up touching their mouths while reading emails, doing assignments, or surfing the web. That's why we disinfect them and leave them safe and clean.

lab table

Lab tables need to be done constantly. We take extra care to ensure that they are disinfected as much as possible.

lobby table

The lobby tables can host lots of germs. That's why the Sterilray technician disinfect them and leave them safe.

lobby chair

The lobby chairs are constantly touched. The Sterilray will disinfect these often overlooked areas of your school.

Bathroom counter

Germ free bathroom counters may be one of the most important safeguards against germs in your school. The Sterilray technician disinfect every square inch of your bathroom counters to help protect your students.

Training table

The athletic complex of your school may harbor lots of germs. With the close contact during competition, shared tables and equipment, and even open wounds, students are vulnerable to infection. Every area of training rooms, locker rooms need disinfection.

locker room scales

The Sterilray technician is trained to seek those surfaces that may be overlooked by your cleaning staff. We try to disinfect all high-touch surfaces!


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