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What is Sterilray?

Sterilray™ is a patented revolutionary method for killing viruses and bacteria that is 10,000 times more effective than current methods. Sterilray™ now makes it possible to quickly and conveniently disinfect all types of surfaces and floors. All other methods including liquid and steam cleaners require from 30 seconds to more than 5 minutes of contact time and kill only about 85% of the virus. Sterilray™ can kill all viruses in as little as 1/10 second.

Being able to disinfect surfaces such as hand rails, counter tops and floors quickly is critical to eliminating the highly contagious Norwalk like Virus (NLV) that routinely found in public buildings and cruise ships.  More than 23 million people in the US get sick each year from transmitted diseases and it costs business more than $159 billion in lost production and sick leave.

Sterilray™ makes it possible to isolate the source of an infection, prevent its spread, and protect people who are in confined areas. It can be combined with supporting technology so that air circulation and all types of surfaces can be disinfected and cleaned in a cost effective manner. Caustic and toxic chemicals are not used. This unified approach of using multiple technologies can be very effective for food decontamination and in the protection of food handlers.   Additionally, it can halt the spread of viruses in hotel rooms, meeting rooms, dining and lounge areas, bathrooms and hallway railings.


Far-UV Sterilray Disinfection Wand

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