For Hygiene and Allergy Control

Sterilray Disinfection Service

High Energy Ozone, LLC has developed unique products and capability that can make a significant reduction of pathogens and toxins in the air and on surfaces. The Company is a leader in improving the environment in which people must work, travel and live. It's goal is to promote the well-being and productivity of people around the world by making their environment healthier.

High Energy Ozone, LLC is a privately held corporation. Under the leadership of Mr. John Neister, President. High Energy Ozone, LLC is the only privately held owner of the Sterilray Disinfection Service in New England.

High Energy Ozone, LLC's growth has been steady over the years. Our corporate headquarters and warehouse are located in Somersworth, New Hampshire.

High Energy Ozone, LLC is a fully insured and bonded LLC corporation. The corporation carries full worker's compensation as required by law as well as general liability and property damage of $2,000,000 and a surety bond of $10,000.


Far-UV Sterilray Disinfection Wand

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