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gift card

With a Sterilray house disinfection gift card, you can give a friend or family member the ability to shake off the burden of house disinfection to enjoy some free time. Think of a house disinfection gift card for someone celebrating a new home, new baby, retirement or job change. Or, think of them for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.

We know that you want your gift to help the recipient check-off house disinfection from her to-do's. Because we take into account many factors when pricing a home, including the individuality of the people who live there, where in the country the person lives and the size of the home, it's very difficult to tell you exactly how much to spend on a gift for house disinfection.

Beginning disinfection service is simple. After receiving the house disinfection gift card, the recipient contacts the local Sterilray office to schedule service. The local office will then discuss with the recipient the amount of service the gift card will cover.


Sterilray Disinfection gift card

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