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Swabs of patient rooms 

C. diff

Above paper presented at SHEA by the VA in Ohio. Please download paper below.


  hand prints with C.diff

Veterans Hospital, Cleveland OH

C.diff. non-epidemic Spores
The left plate above is the control (no Sterilray treatment)
The right plate is 5 secs of Sterilray on high power ~100mj/cm2.
The control has ~5-6 logs of spores and the right plate ~2 logs after treatment.
The spores are non-epidemic, 99.9% clean, bright phase (dormant, not germinated) spores in water.
A 4"x4" square area of the labtop was inoculated and the spore suspension was allowed to dry.
The area was touched with sterile gloves and then touched directly to
pre-reduced C.diff agar plates and placed in the anaerobic chamber to incubate for 48 hours.

  ATS labs Testing
  ATS Labs
Results from an indendent study conducted at ATS Labs in MN. Please download report below.
Download VA reports pdf
Download VA SHEA paper pdf
ATS Lab Tests-March 2010 pdf

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