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Patient Room Before and After Swabs 

Patient Rooms- C. diff and VRE

Above are some photos of examples of cleaning patient rooms with Far-UV Sterilray. Far-UV Sterilray reduced C.diff by 96% and 100% of VRE in patient rooms. Small areas were cultured, half was swabbed as a before culture and half was swabbed after approximately 100 mj/cm2 of Far-UV Sterilray treatment. For example, the call button (6"x3") was split in half and the right side was swabbed before treatment and the left side was swabbed after treatment. The drawback is that we assume a homogenous area of contamination. The probability of always having one side positive and one negative is nearly impossible, so the more rooms we do, the more significant the data becomes.
Testing was done on 28 rooms for C.diff and 20 rooms for VRE.

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