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 Britland Skin test

Skin exposure

Briefly, epitheial cells were exposed to UV from Far-UV Sterilray at lowest power
setting for 5 and 10 minute durations . n= 2 for each treatment group but it does not included variance because the differences in the means between treatments was so large.

Interpretation of the data:
Clearly cells not protected by epidermis are drastically affected by Far-UV Sterilray
at 5 and 10 minutes . The endpoint MTT assay indicates that the apparent cell
number has dropped 70% from controls. Placing human epidermis into the light
path appears to confer protection to the cells because, within the constraints
of the experimental design, the Far-UV dose was insufficient to compromise cell
viability. The caveat here is that MTT is an endpoint assay so will not reveal
sub-lethal cell stress per-se, especially relevent is genotoxic effects, comet
and kinetic XTT or WST1 are required for that as a mimimum but is certainly
On the basis of the results from this look-see experiment, it appears that
Far-UV sterilray does not penetrate human epidermis at sufficient doses to
compromise cell viability as measured by MTT assay.

This experimental approach and the related data on its own is nowhere near rigorous enough to support a claim that Far-UV sterilary exposure of human skin is 'safe'. More work is being conducted to ascertain that.


Additional studies are underway towards FDA approval for skin disinfection.


Far-UV Sterilray on non-toxigenic (ATCC 43593) C. difficile spores on human skin

5 logs of non-toxigenic (ATCC 43593) C. difficile spores inoculated onto lab benchtop and spread to a finger-tip size diameter and air dried fingers touched to each inoculum three fingers touched to a C. difficile selective agar plate three fingers treated with 10 sec (100 mJ) Sterilray and then touched to C. difficile selective agar plate three fingers treated with 20 sec (200 mJ) Sterilray and then touched to C. difficile selective agar plate.


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