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 MicrobeBuster Surface Series

MBL Series: Far-UV liquid treatment units are designed specifically for commercial, and light commercial applications and utilize the proven Far-UV Sterilray technology necessary to safely and effectively disinfect liquids used in everything from soft drinks to shampoo to medical products. These economical fixtures are available in awide range of flow rates, making them ideal for individual point-of use applications as well as the final disinfection step prior to filling.

Use the MicrobeBuster series to disinfect surfaces or liquids that requires high level disinfection in just seconds. Boxes can be put in series to attain the disinfection level necessary. Use the MicrobeBuster MBL series to disinfect liquids for applications needing photo-disinfection known as 'cold pasteurization'. Customization for your application and level of disinfection can be done quickly and economically.

* Dry, chemical-free disinfection.
* Instant-on lamp for easy operation.
* No electrodes or ballasts.
* Not affected by temperature or humidity.
* Automatic cut-off optional.
* Green Clean – environmentally friendly.
* No mercury or other dangerous materials in the lamp.
* No residue left behind.
* Variable power options.




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