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Sterilray’s configuration is designed to meet the requirements for each type of treatment. It is capable of disinfecting small and large surfaces of varying types, small rooms, floors, and small to large air ducts. The degree of disinfection depends on the power setting, the amount of exposure time and the targeted organism. For low or medium power at a quick pass, a log 3 or 4 reduction can be achieved for MRSA or C-diff. For high level disinfection or sterilization, the ’deodor’ setting with a slower sweep rate or multiple sweeps over the same area will achieve over log 6 reduction with a 100% kill. The Technology section describes the advantages and applications of Sterilray™ along with details about support equipment. The Lab Reports section presents a test comparison chart that includes tests results for different pathogens.

Types of Sterilray™ Treatments:

1. Surface Disinfection:
A specially designed handheld Far-UV Sterilray™ Disinfection Wand can be used to treat infected surfaces. All liquid and solids must be removed, but the surface doesn't have to be dry before decontamination can begin. The Far-UV Sterilray™ Disinfection Wand is then passed over the surface, within 1-4 inches, at a rate of about 2-3 feet per second. The wand is primarily used for disinfecting horizontal surfaces, although the Sterilray technician can over-ride the proximity sensor to disinfect vertical surfaces.

2. Floor Disinfection:
The treatment process begins after a discharge event (DE) when liquid and solids are spread onto the floor and nearby surfaces. This area should be blocked off immediately and the ventilation exhaust unit directed to the outside. The liquid and solid material must be removed by the best means available. It does not have to be dry before decontamination is initiated.The Segway HT human transporter, a floor machine or vacuum cleaner can be used for disinfecting all types of floors. Sterilray™ is positioned in front so that the floor is treated as the machine moves forward. Disinfection is accomplished by moving the machine over the contaminated area at a low 2-3 mph speed. As a result, disinfection can be achieved quickly after a DE without the public being alarmed by employees wearing intimidating protective garb and gloves.

3. Small Room Disinfection:
In general, restrooms that are available to all individuals in a group become primary point sources for infecting a confined population. A sick person enters, experiences a DE, coughs or sneezes, and then leaves. Surface and possibly air contamination immediately begin infecting some of those who enter. People who are carriers can also deposit sufficient quantities of pathogenic organisms on surfaces during their visit.To disinfect the room, Sterilray™ is positioned in a ceiling location so that critical horizontal surfaces that are contaminated are subject to treatment. If a DE occurs, liquid and solids must be cleaned up as soon as possible. When the door is closed disinfection can be accomplished in a few minutes. Small rooms, and specific areas in large rooms, can be automatically disinfected after every visit. The ability to provide 24/7 disinfection to high-traffic areas can be crucial in stopping the spread of infection.

4. Room Disinfection:
Large rooms can also be treated while no one is present. Hotel rooms, state rooms, and living quarters can be disinfected once the party leaves the room. The disinfection process and the degree of disinfection can be timed to occur between each occupation or once daily. The technology exists that makes this process automatic.

5. Food Disinfection:
Food on serving counters, buffets, and other surfaces that people breathe on can become contaminated. Hot food counters can have Sterilray™ installed next to heat lamps and periodically turned on for 0.5 seconds. Special baffles ensure that Sterilray™ treats only the specified area.

6. Air Disinfection:
Since the action time is so rapid, Sterilray™, when used at normal operating speeds, can disinfect moving air in duct work or in open areas (using special baffles) 24/7.

Far-UV Sterilray™ lamps supplied to HepaCart

Far-UV Sterilray™ lamps are supplied to HepaCart for various new products.

HIGH ENERGY OZONE LLC (dba Far-UV Sterilray), a company on the forefront of developing and testing advanced disinfection Technologies, including patented Far-UV Sterilray™ announces a new agreement this date with HEPACART™, Inc., a company specializing in infection control, dust barriers and environmental containment.

John Neister, HEO3’s President, stated: “Far-UV Sterilray™ is a Technology that has been shown to destroy pathogens via photon disinfection at a significantly faster rate than standard UV. Independent lab tests have proven this Technology effective in air, surface, and water and on a wide-range of pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant strains. Far-UV Sterilray™ lamps do not produce ozone. Our ozone generators are a completely different part of our product line.”


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