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Research: The MS-2 phage virus was the first test that demonstrated how effective this new Sterilray™ Technology could be for killing a relatively resistant virus. This virus is used as a reference standard by most laboratories because it is difficult to kill and is benign to humans and most animals. A chart on this page compares Sterilray™ Technology with standard mercury light and chemical cleaners.

DNA: The discussion starts with the basic chemicals that make up DNA molecules and then leads to how such molecules are affected by ultraviolet light. Details about standard UV lamps are contrasted to Sterilray™ Technology showing why it is significantly more effective than any other light source for killing virus, bacteria, spores, and cysts.

Pathogens: A typical scenario of how an infection is passed among people is presented, despite the use of standard cleaning procedures. Sterilray™ can be the basis for new methods and techniques that are more effective by making degrees of disinfection available 24/7 that are dependant on conditions at that time and place.

Ultraviolet: Sterilray™ Technology is unique among all other UV lamps. It produces a wavelength in the Far UV (FUV) band with much more photon energy. This fact is discussed in greater detail here.

Bacillus Micrograph: Presented are 3 micrographs of dead Bacillus atrophaeus. The first is at 300X magnification and the next two are at 1000X. They show fractures and segments blown off of the organism in the vegetative state. This is the first indication that Sterilray™ Technology is breaking bonds and killing microorganisms, not just forming dimers as with the 254 nm light.


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