Unlike traditional UV-C, the patented Far-UV Sterilray wavelength matches the resonant molecular (peptide and disulfide) bonds frequencies on the outside of all pathogens. Bacteria, virus, and spores literally explode due to higher Far-UV photon energy. The lamps contain no mercury or electrodes, have very long lamp-life, and produce no ozone. Also, the product will not damage rubber or plastics, or even penetrate skin. Far-UV Sterilray ™ Lamp life is measured in years rather than months!

      It is well known that germicidal UV radiation effectively kills bacteria and virus whether or not the bacteria is resistant to antibiotics. However, UVC lights are not conventionally used during a surgery due to the dangers posed to the patient and staff (skin cancer). Columbia University has preliminary studies that show exposure to the the specific wavelength of Far-UV Sterilray (different than conventional UVC germicidal lamps) do not pose the same risk to humans, while still effective at killing pathogens that cause infections unrelated to the original surgery (surgical site infections or SSI). The physics is simple and directly relates to the size difference between human cells and bacteria or virus cells, which are 100 x smaller. If a very short wavelength of light is used for this application (most germicidal lamps use much longer wavelengths), it cannot penetrate to the genetic material of the human (or animal) cell and cannot cause cancer. However, since bacteria/virus are 100x smaller, it does effectively kill these microbes, creating a more sterile environment at the wound. The narrow–band patented Far-UV Sterilray lamps at 222 nm can be used for this purpose.
      Far-UV Sterilray may be a solution to eradicating airborne viruses in indoor public spaces. Continuous low doses of light can kill airborne flu viruses without harming human tissues, according to a new study at the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC). The findings suggest that use of the overhead light in hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools, airports, airplanes, and other public spaces could provide a powerful check on seasonal influenza epidemics, as well as influenza pandemics. Until FDA approval, this unit can only be used when the room is unoccupied. 
      Far-UV Sterilray is the only company licensed to sell 222nm lamps for air, surface and liquid disinfection. Other manufacturers will have to seek licenses. All other lamps are not developed to the effectiveness of our lamps. One Far-UV Sterilray lamp can replace up to 8-15 UVC lamps thus costing less for electrical, housing, etc. The value of Far-UV Sterilray is in the effectiveness, 10-1,000 times that of UVC. The lamp life of Far-UV Sterilray is over 20,000 hours.