Excimer Wave Sterilray™ Products

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to have a lasting positive impact on humanity by creating a safer environment in which people live, work and travel.

The goal is to reduce the number of annual superbug and viral infections, reduce the amount of patient suffering from these deadly infections, and reduce the burden of the billions of dollars these infections cost our healthcare system every year. 

In addition to this ambitious goal, we seek to get our innovative disinfecting solutions in place to help mitigate the effects of the next human pandemic; saving millions of lives in the process. 

Excimer Wave Sterilray™ (EWS) Technology eliminates 99.98% of the world’s most harmful bacteria, viruses, and spores in an airstream with “Single-Pass Kill”. With unmatched speed, convenience, effectiveness, and safety our EWS products are changing the world of air and surface disinfection through our groundbreaking use of patented Excimer Wave Sterilray™ technology. EWS does not create dimers, it actually makes pathogens explode. One fifth of a second is all it takes for Excimer Wave Sterilray™ photons to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and spores.

We have multiple videos on our YouTube channel:


Link to a video of two hospitals with EWS lamps in their HVAC units.


Excimer Wave Sterilray™ Advantages:

  • Extremely effective against coronavirus.
  • Lamp life exceeds 30,000 hours (3 years guaranteed) prorated.
  • Dry, chemical-free disinfection.
  • Green Clean – environmentally friendly.
  • Produces high-level disinfection of room air and surfaces.
  • Excimer Wave Sterilray™ produces up to 1000 times greater destruction than all other UV sources.
  • Excimer Wave Sterilray™ Lamps have been engineered so as not to produce ozone.
  • One Excimer Wave Sterilray™ lamp replaces up to 20  UV-C bulbs.
  • Excimer Wave Sterilray™ lamps effectively disinfects the air.
  • Not affected by temperature or humidity.
  • There are no electrodes to wear out.
  • Lamp does not contain mercury