Excimer Wave Sterilray™ Products

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to have a lasting positive impact on humanity by creating a safer environment in which people live, work and travel.

The goal is to reduce the number of annual superbug and viral infections, reduce the amount of patient suffering from these deadly infections, and reduce the burden of the billions of dollars these infections cost our healthcare system every year. 

In addition to this ambitious goal, we seek to get our innovative disinfecting solutions in place to help mitigate the effects of the next human pandemic; saving millions of lives in the process. 


Ed Neister spoke about Excimer Wave Sterilray™ technology this morning on the Bailey and Southside Show on Rock 100.5 in Atlanta –Thanks guys!

Here are the links Ed spoke about:

COVID-19 shows disconnect between scientific and medical professions

Public Transportation To Play a Significant Role in the Coming Pandemic 

We supplied Boeing with an Excimer Wave Sterilray lamp to develop their no-touch bathroom

You can listen to the interview here:

Bailey and Southside Rock 100.5 interview with Ed Neister


       We are receiving an enormous surge in orders due to the Coronavirus spread.  We are producing products as fast as we can.

      Would be nice if the government helped us ramp production rather than give money to develop a new sunscreen (In the latest funding bill-Don’t get me started!).

      We will reply with information as quickly as possible. The more specific you can be with your request the quicker we will be able to reply.

  • The Excimer Wave Sterilray Disinfection Wand: Please fill out contact form. You will be placed on our list for updated information. Pricing will be determined soon. The wand will be available for preproduction ordering soon. We will alert everyone with pricing and deposit requests at that time. We hope to start shipping Wands in 60-90 days.
  • The Autonomous Disinfection Vehicle Robot (ADV) will not be in production until sometime in the middle of this year.
  • Quickest order lead times(currently 3-6 weeks) are for the GermBuster-AirDuct™, the Excimer Wave Sterilray Luminaire™,  GermBuster-CanAir, and the GermBuster Air Surface Wall Unit (Product page to be added shortly).
  • All orders are shipped on first come first served basis.
  • All other products are available with lead times 10-12 weeks or longer depending on production scheduling.


Fauci says US needs to be prepared for coronavirus to be cyclical

We have been warning this for months…its just Science!


  • Americans need to be prepared for the possibility that COVID-19 could become a seasonal disease, Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Wednesday.

    Fauci told reporters during a White House briefing that more cases of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus have begun to appear in the Southern Hemisphere, which is transitioning into colder seasons.

    If there is an outbreak in the Southern Hemisphere, Fauci said “it will be inevitable” that the disease will make a comeback even if it is temporarily stopped.

  • New studies show that warm, humid weather might slow the virus — which could mean the pandemic will ease in the coming summer months in North America and Europe.

    But Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a prominent member of the White House’s coronavirus task force, said America needs to be ready in case it comes back in the fall.

    “I know we’ll be successful in putting this down now, but we really need to be prepared for another cycle,” Fauci said.

    He added that the current steps being taken, such as fast-tracking potential vaccines and drug treatments, will be essential to stopping the virus a second time.

Excimer Wave Sterilray™ (EWS) Technology eliminates 99.98% of the world’s most harmful bacteria, viruses, and spores in an airstream with “Single-Pass Kill”. With unmatched speed, convenience, effectiveness, and safety our EWS products are changing the world of air and surface disinfection through our groundbreaking use of patented Excimer Wave Sterilray™ technology. EWS does not create dimers, it actually makes pathogens explode. One fifth of a second is all it takes for Excimer Wave Sterilray™ photons to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and spores.

We have multiple videos on our YouTube channel:


Link to a video of two hospitals with EWS lamps in their HVAC units.


Excimer Wave Sterilray™ Advantages:

  • Destroys coronavirus, COVID-19
  • Lamp life exceeds 30,000 hours (3 years guaranteed) prorated.
  • Dry, chemical-free disinfection.
  • Green Clean – environmentally friendly.
  • Produces high-level disinfection of room air and surfaces.
  • Excimer Wave Sterilray™ produces up to 1000 times greater destruction than all other UV sources.
  • Excimer Wave Sterilray™ Lamps have been engineered so as not to produce ozone.
  • One Excimer Wave Sterilray™ lamp replaces up to 20  UV-C bulbs.
  • Excimer Wave Sterilray™ lamps effectively disinfects the air.
  • Not affected by temperature or humidity.
  • There are no electrodes to wear out.
  • Lamp does not contain mercury