“Far UVC” is our Patented Far-UV Sterilray™

Written by Far-UV Sterilray™

February 21, 2018

In the news: “ UV Light Could Zap Flu Pandemics Before They Start”

The Columbia University Study again confirming the effectiveness and safety parameters of our patented wavelength (222nm) referred to by Columbia as Far-UVC.

These results confirm studies that we have been doing for the last 12 years. We have patented 222nm for air, liquid and surface disinfection.

Our patents cover all forms of skin and eye disinfection. We are in the process of getting FDA approval for a number of applications.

We call this wavelength Far-UV Sterilray.

It’s estimated businesses lose $159 billion each year in lost production and sick leave. But with the proper Far-UV Sterilray devices that we have now available, you can help protect hospitals biggest assets and their patients.

I’d like to invite you to visit our website (www.sterilray.com) and review all of our solution options that could help NOW during this Flu season.

Our patented Far-UV wavelength will be taking over the disinfecting industry. We are more effective, we are faster, we are safer.

Our Autonomous Disinfection Robot will change the way operating rooms are disinfected.

Far-UV Sterilray technology can disinfect conveyor belts, production lines, the air in HVAC systems in the largest buildings and in Residential homes. We can disinfect the air and remove the odor in Cannabis grows. Other applications include restaurants, trains, planes, and autonomous vehicles. The applications for dry, chemical-free disinfection are endless.

Contact us to use Far-UV Sterilray lamps in your product or facility.

We supplied Far-UV Sterilray lamps for Boeing for their self-cleaning lavatory project.


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