The Excimer Wave Sterilray™ Luminaire ceiling mount fixture design has been carefully conceived to provide direct high-level disinfection for air or surfaces in occupied rooms. The Luminaire can be set on a power level to fall below the FDA Threshold Limit Value (TLV) for human exposure. The stainless steel fixture should be used in open, unoccupied space to disinfect and prevent areas and surfaces from microorganisms such as bacteria, mold and, viruses. We have destroyed three coronaviruses similar to the SARS-CoV-2. All with the same outer envelope of protein. The treatment is very effective due to the long unobstructed path of the germicidal Excimer Wave Sterilray™ photons. 222nm disinfection is a function of time, and the intensity of the lamp, to which the air and surface are exposed. Instant start lamps provide the utmost in quality, sustained output, and longevity.

The Excimer Wave Sterilray™ Advantage

  • Destroys Coronaviruses
  • Now Available! Excimer Wave Sterilray™ Luminaire in-ceiling mount for healthcare and isolation rooms, quarantined areas.
  • Excimer Wave Sterilray™ produces up to 1000 times greater destruction than any other UV sources.
  • 1,000 times safer than UVC (254nm)
  • Instant-off with motion detectors.
  • No labor required: operation controlled by room switch (option for remote control).
  • Produces high-level disinfection of room air and exposed surfaces.
  • Destroys surface pathogens (MRSA, C.difficile, VRE) that routinely compromise the healthcare environment.
  • Level of disinfection proportional to run time: 7 hours produces >6 log kill on floor-level surfaces.
  • Power setting below the TLV when the room is occupied. High Power provides a high level of disinfection between room occupancy during the day and total disinfection each night.
  • Uses Excimer Wave Sterilray™ that is being tested for safe use on skin as opposed to UVC which can cause erythema.
  • Lamp life exceeds 30,000 hours. (3 1/2 years guaranteed) prorated!
  • No mercury or other dangerous materials in the lamp.

Surface Area: The affected surface area that is covered by the Luminaire lamp is based upon many factors, as referenced in the below infographic.

Floor Exposure Scaled Drawing