GermBuster ésconce in conference room

We Help Make Indoors Safe.

Place the ésconce in areas where people congregate to disinfect the air and the surfaces. Air disinfection can be achieved for most pathogens in under a second. Surface disinfection can be achieved over time as long it is in the line of sight of the ésconce.

Powered by Far-UV Sterilray™

Modern design with both disinfecton and appearance in mind:

› Utilizes Human Safe Far-UV technology
   with a 30,000 lamp life warranty.
› Instant on/off at full output power, Can
  be left on for continuous disinfection
› Easy-to-install Can be plugged into a
   120/240 outlet or mounted on the wall
   to run off of line voltage.

Far-UV Powerful air disinfection for social events.
Stops airborne virus and bacteria before

› Dry, Chemical Free – environmentally
  friendly, will not harm interior surfaces,
  lamps produce no ozone.
› GermBuser ésconce are available in multiple colors.
› Flexible financing options are available

Elegant Design.

The GermBuster ésconse produces Far-UV 222nm light that deactivates pathogens in the air at the speed of light and is safe for human exposure. 222nm photons do not penetrate the outer layer of the skin and tear layer of the eyes. The esconse is maintenance free and environmentally friendly.

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