Employment Opportunities

Sterilray, Inc. is the creator and manufacturer of the patented Far-UV Sterilray™ disinfection lamps. We have developed a unique technology that can significantly reduce pathogens in the air, surfaces, and water. The Company’s mission is to develop this market and become a leader for improving the environment in which many people must work, travel and live. The goal is to contribute to improving the well-being and productivity of people around the world by making their environment healthier and safer.

Our lamps will be in use to protect our working environment from any airborne or surface pathogens.  The Company is looking for people who want to be part of a team of people who take pride in the products and services that the Company provides and becomes a place where all can advance their positions and skills as the company grows.

Product Assembler

Inventory Controller

Materials Purchaser

Special Glass Product Assembler and Operator

Electronic Technician

Electrical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Do you have roles open for entry-level/new grads? yes

Are any of your open roles available for people transitioning from other industries, such as hospitality? yes

Is your business based in, or have an operation in, NH? yes

Send Résumé via email to jobs@sterilray.com. No phone calls or walk-ins please. Thank you!