Air Surface Disinfection Unit (ASDU)

Product Use


The ASDU will produce a high level of disinfection on all surfaces exposed to the Far-UV Sterilray™ lamp and will disinfect the air in the room with ‘kill-on-the-fly’ demonstrated capability.

The ASDU is ideally suited for nightly disinfection of surfaces and air, but it can also provide disinfection between room occupation throughout the day.



Far-UV Sterilray™ Technology is up to 1,000 times more effective than germicidal UV-C.

The ASDU’s very high photon energy actually breaks and destroys the outer membrane and protein molecules of microorganisms, whereas UV-C only deactivates replication.

The quicker action time of Far-UV Sterilray™ makes single-pass kill possible in HVAC and surface disinfection.


  • Rotating lamp and power supply reduce the need for multiple units.
  • Dry, chemical-free disinfection.
  • Green Clean-environmentally friendly.
  • Instant off with motion detectors.
  • No mercury or other dangerous materials in the lamp.
  • No labor required; operation controlled by room switch (delay timer).
  • Produces high-level disinfection of room air and exposed surfaces.
  • Destroys surface pathogens (MRSA, C.Difficile, VRE) that routinely compromise healthcare environment.
  • Far-UV Sterilray™ produces up to 1000 times greater destruction than any other UV sources.
  • Level of disinfection proportional to run time; 7 hours produces >6 log kill on floor level surfaces.
  • Provides a high level of disinfection between room occupancy during the day and total disinfection each night.
  • Uses Far-UV Sterilray™ that is being tested for safe use on skin as opposed to UVC which can cause erythema.
  • Center of Room Ceiling Mount.
  • Kills airborne microbes in <0 . 2 seconds of exposure.
  • Disinfects outside makeup air on first pass.
  • Kills any microbes on exposed surfaces in the room facing towards the ASDU.
  • Reduces installation costs: ONE unit per OR is sufficient.


  • Comfort in knowing that pathogen removal has occurred in a convenient process 365 days/year.
  • Increased confidence that germs are being reduced proactively whenever the ASDU is in use.
  • Quick, high-level disinfection of room air and all exposed objects with the flick of a switch.
  • Can be used each night for maximum disinfection or during the day to achieve a high level of disinfection between room occupation.
  • Reduces HAl’s and SSI’s cases saving cost associated with patient care expenses.
  • Supports a comprehensive decontamination approach and improves or complements existing manual application methods for cleaning.


  • Operating rooms.
  • Emergency rooms.
  • Decontamination rooms.
  • High-Risk patient rooms.
  • Critical use restrooms.
  • Critical care rooms that need routine but assurance of high-level disinfection of air and surfaces.
  • Critical care rooms used with contact patients.
  • Any health care rooms that need assurance of a very high level of disinfection of microorganisms between each day’s use.

While not meant to replace existing cleaning protocols, ceiling-mounted Sterilray’s ASDU devices can help support a comprehensive decontamination approach and improve or complement existing manual application methods for cleaning and disinfection.  Recent studies suggest that FAR·UV Sterilray™ disinfection may be more effective when used after traditional cleaning protocols. Therefore, cleaning must remain an important part of terminal room disinfection.