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GermBuster ésconce in dental office

Clean air is of utmost importance in churches, synagogues, and mosques to ensure the disinfection of the air and prevent the transmission of airborne pathogens. With the current focus on infection prevention and the spread of contagious diseases, incorporating superior Far-UV Sterilray™ disinfection products in places of worship can provide an innovative approach to creating a safe and welcoming environment for parishioners. By continuously disinfecting the air and surfaces, Far-UV products offer an additional layer of safety, giving the entire congregation peace of mind and reassurance that their well-being is a top priority. This cutting-edge technology showcases the place of worship’s commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in infection prevention, making it an attractive choice for members seeking a modern and technologically advanced worship experience. Positioning the building as health-conscious and proactive in infection control not only appeals to those who prioritize their health and safety but also generates positive word-of-mouth recommendations from members who have experienced the benefits of Far-UV technology. Moreover, by implementing Far-UV products, houses of worship can differentiate themselves from other nearby facilities and seize marketing and PR opportunities as leaders in infection prevention. Overall, ensuring clean air in these buildings with Far-UV technology not only creates a sense of reassurance but also provides an inclusive and safe space for all parishioners, including high-risk individuals. Contact us today to learn more about how Far-UV can transform your worship environment.

Ensure Safety of Parishioners

Effective Infection Prevention

Studies have confirmed that Far-UV light is an effective addition to manual cleaning efforts and can kill harmful pathogens quickly and efficiently. Exposure to 222nm light for a specific length of time and intensity kills dangerous microorganisms. The American Journal of Infection Control notes that combining Far-UV technology with manual cleaning is one of the most effective ways to significantly decrease the pool of harmful pathogens that cause infection.

Benefits of Far-UV

Far-UV products in churches can be an innovative approach to bring back parishioners

Enhanced Safety and Cleanliness

Far-UV products provide an additional layer of safety by continuously disinfecting the air and surfaces. This feature can reassure the entire congregation that the church, snyagogue or mosque prioritizes their well-being, especially in the context of healthcare-acquired infections and contagious diseases.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Advertising the use of Far-UV products demonstrates that the house of worship stays updated with the latest advancements in infection prevention. Members seeking a modern and technologically advanced church, snyagogue or mosque experience may be drawn to such houses of worship.

Health-Conscious Image

Positioning the house of worship as health-conscious and proactive in infection control can assure those members who prioritize their health and safety. People are increasingly aware of the importance of infection prevention in house of worship settings, and Far-UV technology showcases the commitment of the church, snyagogue or mosque to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

Positive Word-of-Mouth

Members who experience the benefits of Far-UV technology are likely to share their positive experiences with others. Word-of-mouth recommendations can be powerful in attracting new members to the church, snyagogue or mosque.

Peace of Mind for parishioners

Many people have concerns about infection transmission during church services. Far-UV products can create a sense of reassurance, encouraging parishioners to return to services and meetings.

Appealing to High-Risk Individuals

People of all ages with compromised immune systems or other health vulnerabilities may be particularly attracted to a church that uses Far-UV products. Knowing that additional measures are in place to protect their health can make them more likely to choose this house of worship.

Differentiation from other houses of worship

Far-UV products are still relatively novel in churches, so incorporating them can help the church stand out from other houses of worship. Being a pioneer in this area can give the church a unique advantage.

Marketing and PR Opportunities

Implementing Far-UV products presents an opportunity for the dental office to market itself as a leader in infection prevention. Press releases, social media campaigns, and blog posts about the installation of Far-UV technology can generate interest and attract new parishoners.

Far-UV Advantages

222nm light is the only tech that does not rely on air circulation to destroy airborne viruses.


30,000 Hour Lamp Warranty


Safe for Human Exposure


Destroys all known pathogens

Bring back your congregation

Promoting your house of worship’s use of Far-UV disinfection reassures members’ confidence in your facility and can even convince others to consider attending to your services because of the added level of protection that Far-UV can deliver.

It’s important for all houses of worship to communicate effectively about the benefits of Far-UV products through their website, marketing materials, and interactions with members. Providing information on the technology’s effectiveness, safety, and how it complements existing infection control measures will help potential members understand the value it brings to their religious experience.


Far-UV Solutions

Sterilray, Inc. products can disinfect surfaces and air in dental offices while people are present.

GermBuster HVAC

GermBuster HVAC

Disinfect the air in the entire building 24/7.

GermBuster ésconce and nurses

GermBuster ésconce

Disinfect the air at the speed of light in all occupied spaces.

handheld white Germbuster Sabre inside dentist office picture

GermBuster Sabre

Disinfect surfaces in the house of worship

GermBuster Air Duct

GermBuster Air Duct

Duct unit to disinfect the air in the entire building 24/7

GermBuster Luminaire in Ceiling

GermBuster Luminaire

Disinfect the air at the speed of light in occupied offices.

MicrobeBuster Mobile in operating room

MicrobeBuster Mobile

Disinfect surfaces in the chapel or meeting rooms

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