Far-UV Technology

Protect Poultry from Avian Flu

The current outbreak is the worst in United States history: more than 60 million birds have either died as a result of bird flu virus infection or have been culled due to exposure to infected birds.

What is H5N1

Avian influenza or bird flu is a disease caused by infection with avian (bird) influenza (flu) Type A viruses. These viruses naturally spread among wild aquatic birds worldwide and can infect domestic poultry and other bird and animal species [1]. Avian influenza A (bird flu) viruses may be transmitted from infected birds to other animals, and potentially to humans, in two main ways: directly from infected birds or from avian influenza A virus-contaminated environments. Through an intermediate host, such as another animal [2]. State and federal government experts continue to evaluate how Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) viruses can spread and impact wild and domestic birds. The global spread of HPAI subtype H5N8 has been driven in large part by migratory waterfowl. Scientists are warning the spring bird migration could give a new avian flu strain a chance to spread [3].


Therefore, avian flu is spread through contact with infected birds, contaminated surfaces, or through contact with other animals that have been infected. The spread of avian influenza viruses can be further facilitated by the migration of birds across regions and countries [3].





What is Far-UV

Far-UV Light: Light consists of photons that have distinct wavelengths.  Far-UV photons are in the band (185-245 nm) of the UV spectrum that is furthest from visible light.  The shortness of Far-UV wavelength provides very high photon energy which is able to break biomolecular bonds causing physical destruction of all microbes.  Far-UV is uniquely SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and FAST!

SAFE: Far-UV (222 nm) lamps are designed to destroy all microorganisms unlike other ‘germicidal’ uv sources.  Its short wavelength is safe for people to be in the light zone because it does not penetrate the skin epidermis nor the surface oil layer of eyes.  In addition to inactivating pathogens such as H5N1, Far-UV  does not harm people or birds.  The USDA, several universities, and corporations have chosen Sterilray products for all of their testing on many agricultural applications.

EFFECTIVE: Many tests have shown that Sterilray Inc.’s products are the best and most effective means to remove bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, and mildew spores from circulating air.  It can achieve 99.98% kill in 1/8 second treatment time as they pass the lamp in a duct or exposed in a line-of sight air zone.  The emitted photons photo-disinfect surfaces, air, and liquids at up to 1000 times more effective than any other uv light.  It does this by targeting the protein molecules that make up the nitrogenous bases of DNA and RNA biomolecules and the viral capsid or the outer membranes of all other microorganisms. 

FAST: Light photons travel 1000 feet in one microsecond.  Photons from the lamp reach an opposing wall in 1/20 of a microsecond.  At 500 feet per minute air flow, it can achieve 4-log reduction in bacteria at a treatment time less than 1/8 second.  That means that Far-UV line-of-sight disinfection can prevent viruses from surviving any airborne trip inside a light zone of a Far-UV lamp.


  • How do we stop the avian influenza outbreak?
  • How we protect poultry from various diseases and viral pandemics?
  • How do we improve our biosecurity measures that have failed to stop the increasing mortality?
  • How do we prevent a potential serious public threat from developing.

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There are now dozens of studies that have proven the efficacy and safety of Far-UV Sterilray. Fortunately, the world is finally taking notice of this technology for air, surface and liquid disinfection. Sterilray, Inc has available a variety of products to treat the air, surfaces or air and surfaces. (Click on photos to enlarge)

GermBuster HVAC

HVAC units generally support high volumetric air flows exceeding 2000 CFM to over 40,000 CFM.  These units use Sterilray lamps at power levels of 150 watts, 250 watts, and 500 watts.  Special lamps are available that operate at 1,000 watts. All contained air disinfection units can utilize the Far-UV Sterilray™ lamp that is specifically designed to destroy fungus, mold, and mildew spores.

GermBuster Sabre

The GermBuster Sabre provide mobile surface and air disinfection where needed and can be powered by either an ac wall power or with an EGO-56 volt DC battery.  Recent data finds that a 30 second sweep over a plant showing first signs of powdery mildew stops all genotypes of PM for about two weeks.  It is ideal for disinfecting tables, other surfaces, tools and boxes for bacteria or the RNA of Hop Latent Viroid.

GermBuster Duct

The GermBuster Duct is designed to treat multiple rooms serviced by an air duct heat/cooling system.  It is designed to provide ‘Single-Pass Kill’ of everything in the air using different size lamps to fit different size ducts and volumetric air flow rates.  It is designed to fit into one 4” hole on the duct side so all light is contained.

GermBuster Luminaire

The GermBuster Luminaire ceiling mount fixture design has been carefully conceived to provide direct high-level disinfection for air or surfaces. They are available at different power levels to fit different room sizes and locations.  They are ideal where plants are not present such as dispensaries, conference rooms, and store open spaces.

GermBuster ésconce

The GermBuster ésconce when properly placed on the wall in a room can equate to greater than 300 air changes per hour.

They are available at different power levels to fit different room sizes and locations.  They are ideal where plants are not present such as dispensaries, conference rooms, and store open spaces.

GermBuster Can Air

The GermBuster Can Air is designed to clear the air of particles, all microorganisms and odors in individual grow rooms and can easily be added into a Can-Filter or Vortex system in minutes.  The unit can be run 24/7 even in dark rooms with 30,000-hour lamp lifetime.  Ideal locations are flowering or dry rooms, any common area before entering a grow room and the shipping area to provide air disinfection before entering the building.

two 500 watt 23″ GermBuster Duct lamp is 48×24″ boxes to treat incoming air. By leaving the ends open we are also treating the air in the entire upper portion of the facility. 222nm photons travel at the speed of light until they hit something, destroying all airborne pathogens in their path.

Far-UV Safety

222nm does not penetrate the stratum corneum

Unlike germicidal UVC light, Far-UV light cannot penetrate either the human stratum corneum (the outer dead-cell skin layer), nor the cytoplasm of individual human cells. Thus, Far-UV light cannot reach or damage living cells in the human skin, in contrast to the conventional germicidal UV light which can reach these sensitive cells.

Far-UV does not penetrate the cornea

222nm light is safe for eye exposure as shown with FDA IRB evaluation of live corneal ulcer patients. There is zero endothelial and epithelium toxicity during the treatment time required to destroy the infection. It is a shorter wavelength with photon energy greater than most biomolecule chemical bond energies. These photons are chemical bond breakers.

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