Far-UV Technology

School Pandemic Firewall

Keep students and staff healthy

Two GermBuster esconces in a typical school room destroy pathogens at the speed of light.

Pandemic disease transmission models show that we cannot stop a pandemic spreading unless we can stop the spread in our schools.

There are a number of ways to slow down the spread in our schools. Improved fresh air ventilation, in­ classroom filter boxes, and upgraded filters in HVAC systems all bring improved indoor air quality. 

But all these come with energy and noise penalties and, while an improvement, still leave open opportunities for infections to spread.

Research validates that 222nm Far-UV light is a far more effective, safe and quiet alternative. This wavelength of light has proven to instantly destroy airborne pathogens in occupied spaces, including hospitals, transportation systems, and schools.

No masks needed:  Sterilray provides better protection than everybody wearing an N95 mask.

Sterilray’s proprietary Far-UV lamps require only two GermBuster ésconces in a typical classroom to effectively protect students and staff from airborne pathogens including SARS-CoV-2, norovirus, influenza, RSV, the common cold and even mold. 

Sterilray lamps are a break-through alternative because they bring 222nm Far-UV into a lamp powerful enough to cover room-sized spaces cost-effectively, with a protection level vastly superior to typical HVAC upgrade solutions. 

Only Sterilray’s Far-UV technology offers a degree of protection that is better than everyone wearing well-fitted N95 masks. So much so that, when installed throughout the school, it acts as a Pandemic Firewall.

The Sterilray Difference

•  Instantly destroys airborne

   pathogens in occupied spaces

•  Destroys airborne mold
•  Each classroom needs just
   2 GermBuster ésconces
•  Typical cafeteria needs just
    2-3 GermBuster Luminaires
•  Transit units for school buses
•  Ultra-low noise
•  30,000-hour lamp life
   warranty (15 school years)
•  Easy installation
•  Cost-effective, with total cost
   comparable to less-effective
   filtration solutions
•  Future-proofs against the next
•  Environmentally friendly and
•  Made in the USA

Sterilray makes it safe for students to be active and unmasked while using indoor spaces, such as gyms, music rooms and cafeterias.

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There are now dozens of studies that have proven the efficacy and safety of Far-UV. Fortunately, the world is finally taking notice of this technology for air and surface disinfection.

222nm does not penetrate the stratum corneum

Unlike germicidal UVC light, Far-UV light cannot penetrate either the human stratum corneum (the outer dead-cell skin layer), nor the cytoplasm of individual human cells. Thus, Far-UV light cannot reach or damage living cells in the human skin, in contrast to the conventional germicidal UV light which can reach these sensitive cells.

Far-UV does not penetrate the cornea

222nm light is safe for eye exposure as shown with FDA IRB evaluation of live corneal ulcer patients. There is zero endothelial and epithelium toxicity during the treatment time required to destroy the infection. It is a shorter wavelength with photon energy greater than most biomolecule chemical bond energies. These photons are chemical bond breakers.

Sterilray Lamp Hour Warranty (approximately 15 school years)


Safe for Occupied Areas

Number of lamps per classroom

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