This page contains forward-looking statements to describe the potential of the technology, and at this time Far-UV Sterilray™ does not market any devices that have been approved by the FDA for treating or preventing disease.

In collaboration with research organizations, Sterilray, Inc is currently investigating and confirming the 222-nm photo-disinfection devices used in the studies does not cause chronic skin disorders (skin cancer) and acute and chronic eye disorders. Sterilray, Inc is continuing the collaborative research on the Safe Far-UV Sterilray™ in order to commercialize it for use in surgical field disinfection and sterilization during orthopedic surgery.

In non-medical fields, Sterilray, Inc aims to commercialize the safe Far-UV Sterilray™ for use in HVAC systems, infection prevention at nursing homes, food processing facilities, airports, autonomous cars, airplanes, passenger ships, cannabis locations and residential HVAC applications. Sterilray, Inc devices will contribute to the realization of a safe and healthy society using our patented excimer lamp technology.

There are now dozens of studies that have proven the efficacy and safety of Far-UV Sterilray. Fortunately, the world is finally taking notice of this technology for air, surface and liquid disinfection.

Schools are supposed to increase ventilation! Problem is they are only treating the HVAC (ineffective HEPA filters) or adding tech that rely on airflow circulation in the room. This research group found that 222nm lamps destroy airborne virus quickly in real-time and equates to greater than 300 air changes per hour while staying under the Threshold Limit Value of 479 mj/cm2

222nm information infographic

Various surgical operations are performed worldwide, but there is a risk of infection after surgery, one of the most serious surgical complications. If infection occurs, it may worsen the conditions of patients and even cause death. When 222-nm Far-UV Sterilray™ light disinfection becomes available for disinfecting operating rooms and surgical sites, it will help prevent the onset of infection after surgery, providing patients with safer surgical treatment.

Sterilray, Inc was the first in the world, to destroy resident skin bacteria by directly photo-disinfecting normal human skin with 222-nm light at 5,200 mJ/cm2 without causing erythema as a sign of acute injury.

Far-UV Sterilray™ (aka Far-UVC) is safe for eye exposure as shown with FDA IRB evaluation of live corneal ulcer patients. There is zero endothelial and epithelium toxicity during the treatment time required to destroy the infection. It is a shorter wavelength with photon energy greater than most biomolecule chemical bond energies. These photons are chemical bond breakers.

Renowned Ophthalmologist, Dr. John (Jim) Rowsey MD studied and used the Far-UV Sterilray ™ Technology directly on corneal ulcer patients to clear bacterial infections. Eyes have the most sensitive cells found in the human body. After patient treatments, Dr. Rowsey found zero Epithelial endothelium or Endothelial toxicity, again proving that this Technology is safe for humans and effective against pathogens. Dr Rowsey jointly filed patents for eye disinfection with Ed Neister in 2018.

In the destruction of drug-resistant bacteria, 254-nm UVC light has been used more frequently than the light of other wavelengths. However, since direct irradiation of 254-nm UVC light to the human body at 6 mJ/cm2 causes sunburn-like skin redness (erythema) a sign of acute skin injury, direct UVC irradiation to the human body was considered to be harmful. Sterilray, Inc. was the first to discover that 222-nm light when applied to skin at an extremely high photo-disinfection dose of 5,200 mJ/cm2, did not cause acute skin injury. This finding suggests that 222nm light has a great potential in applications for UV sterilization and disinfection in medical and non-medical fields. Sterilray, Inc. has shown that this wavelength can destroy all pathogens, including C. diff spores, in seconds at a dose of 100 mJ/cm2 or less (see below).

Far-UV Sterilray™ Dose

Our research, since 2005, has shown a tremendous potential for 222-nm Far-UV Sterilray™ light in disinfecting surgical sites, a major topic in surgical treatment. It also provided evidence for application of 222-nm Far-UV Sterilray™ light for other main targets: such as hand disinfection, and disinfection in occupied spaces. We promote the commercialization of 222-nm Far-UV Sterilray™ light in both medical and non-medical fields.

The Far-UV Sterilray™ GermBuster HVAC lamps eliminate 99.98% of the world’s most harmful bacteria, viruses, and spores at 10,000 cfm in an airstream in a single pass by the lamp. GermBuster HVAC is changing the world of HVAC air-handling installations through its groundbreaking use of Far-UV Sterilray™ Technology with unmatched speed, convenience, and effectiveness. (See below)

This technology has the following potential uses:

  • Disinfection of surgical sites during surgery.
  • Treatment of infected chronic wounds.
  • Minimization of the transmission (airborne or contact infection)of avian influenza virus (H1N1), severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), dengue virus, and Ebola virus.
  • Far-UV Sterilray™ devices for hand disinfection.
  • Increased shelf-life of various vegetables.
  • Additional disinfection function of hand dryers or other
  • Sterilization of spore-forming bacteria and
  • Clean environment for cannabis grow rooms and facilities.
  • Infection prevention for hospitals, airplanes, passenger ships, airports, food processing facilities, etc.

What is narrow band-spectrum excimer 222nm technology?

The 222-nm Far-UV Sterilray™ device uses a patented excimer lamp that emits minute amounts of wavelengths longer than 230 nm. One gets more UVA and UVB from the sun in 10 minutes than one would get from a 222nm lamp in 24 hours. The ACGIH has just raised the TLV to 470 mJ/cm2 for skin and 160 mJ/cm2 for eyes. At those levels the higher wavelengths would only be 0.3 mJ/cm2  which is 20x less than the TLV for the higher wavelengths. All installations of Far-UV Sterilray™ lamps will never exceed the Threshold Limit Value. Meanwhile, at the cellular level, the photons do not penetrate into human cell nuclei at the tissue level. Photons are absorbed by the stratum corneum of the skin and does not penetrate into epidermal cells. Far-UV Sterilray™ devices have been shown to not cause biological damage of human cells when exposed well above the TLV.

The method of using light with a wavelength at 222nm to disinfect without skin and eye damage was discovered by Ed Neister in 1999. The photon energy emitted from the Far-UV Sterilray™ device penetrates and destroys bacteria. Ed has exclusively licensed his multiple patents for surface, air, liquid, skin and eye disinfection to Sterilray, Inc.

Skin disinfection has been evaluated in animals by multiple parties including Doctor Dai at Massachusetts General Hospital; the results demonstrated the bacterial reduction effects of the method and its safety. At the National University of Singapore, a clinical study is ongoing to evaluate the efficacy of the method for disinfection of chronic wounds.

Benefits & Advantages of Far-UV Sterilray™ Lamps:

  • Lamp life exceeds 30,000 hours (3.5 year warranty) prorated.
  • Does not contain mercury or other dangerous materials.
  • Dry and chemical-free.
  • Green Clean – Environmentally friendly.
  • Produces high-level disinfection of room air.
  • Produces up to 1000 times greater destruction than other UVC sources.
  • Engineered to not produce Ozone.
  • One Far-UV Sterilray™ lamp replaces up to 20 UV-C bulbs.
  • Lamps effectively and efficiently disinfect the air.
  • Rugged construction withstands harsh HVAC environments.
  • Lamp is not affected by temperature or humidity.
  • There are no electrodes to wear out.
  • Power level is adjustable.
  • Recyclable