About Us

The Market:

In the past 20 years, people are moving much quicker around the globe. More people are also being confined to spaces that have high population density and use central air ventilation systems in places of work, transportation, and habitation.

Examples include high-rise buildings, hotels, jet airliners, cruise ships, and schools. This combination significantly increases the spread of infection, increases the potential for terrorist use of toxic substances, and has broad repercussions on the health and productivity of those involved.

An establishment that creates sick passengers or visitors not only puts its employees at risk, it creates a detrimental impact on future business that is difficult to measure but can be very significant.

The Mission:

Our Mission is to have a lasting positive impact on humanity by creating a safer environment in which people live, work, and travel.

Our goal is to reduce the number of annual superbug and viral infections, reduce the number of patients suffering from these deadly infections, and reduce the burden of the billions of dollars these infections cost our healthcare system every year.

In addition to this ambitious goal, we seek to get our innovative disinfecting solutions in place to help mitigate the effects of the next human pandemic; saving millions of lives in the process.

The People:

High Energy Ozone (HEO3) dba Far-UV Sterilray™ is founded by people who have a unique combination of experience that defines its mission.  This list includes the following specialists as well as professional and electrical engineers:

Light interaction specialist with an emphasis on the development of a patentable Far UV 222nm light source (Far-UV Sterilray™) that is 10,000 times more effective in killing bacteria and viruses and destroying toxic substances than mercury lamps or chemical and steam cleaners that are currently being used.

Wastewater treatment specialist with an emphasis on using new technology to kill bacteria and viruses that live in moist environments.

Ozone generator specialist with an emphasis on using controlled amounts of ozone that is most effective in the decontamination process.

Air duct design specialist with an emphasis on using Far-UV Sterilray™ light to treat the room and duct air.

Air precipitator specialist with an emphasis on capturing fine particles such as water droplets, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores.

Technology Overview:

We have filed multiple patents on a revolutionary method for killing virus that is 10,000 times more effective than current methods. The technology is called Far-UV Sterilray™.

Far-UV Sterilray™ now makes it possible to quickly and conveniently disinfect all types of surfaces and floors. All other methods, including liquid and steam cleaners, require from 30 seconds to more than 5 minutes of contact time and kill only about 85% of the virus. Far-UV Sterilray™ can kill all viruses in as little as 1/10 second.

Being able to disinfect surfaces such as handrails, countertops, and floors quickly are critical to stopping the highly contagious Norwalk like Virus (NLV) that routinely occurs in public buildings and cruise ships.  More than 23 million people in the US get sick each year from transmitted diseases.  It costs business more than $159 billion in lost production and sick leave.

Far-UV Sterilray™ also makes it possible to isolate the infection source, prevent its spread, and protect people who are in confined areas. It is combined with supporting technology so that air circulation and all types of surfaces can be disinfected and cleaned in a cost-effective manner.

Caustic and toxic chemicals are not used. This unified approach of using multiple technologies can be very effective for food decontamination and in the protection of food handlers.

Examples of point sources for spreading viruses include hotel rooms, meeting rooms, dining and lounge areas, bathrooms, and hallway railings.

Even though this technology is new, the basic equipment and processes have been used in the industry for many years. They have demonstrated many years of maintenance-free operation and low operational costs.

The Process:

Most structures that confine groups of people have unique features that must be surveyed in order to utilize the unified approach most effectively. This requires HEO3 personnel to survey and understand the unique features and the problems associated with specific infection sources and routes.

HEO3 will follow up with a confidential report that details a timeline and cost and prioritizes the decontamination routes, the installation of equipment, and the training and guidelines for operating personnel.

Upon schedule approval, HEO3 will complete the fabrication of equipment and oversee installation and personnel training. Periodic operational checks by HEO3 may be scheduled to ensure proper operation of the equipment and personnel.