GermBuster Duct for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Options: 250 watt 14″ or 18″ Far-UV Sterilray™ Lamp

500 watt 18″ or 23″ Far-UV Sterilray™ Lamp

150 watt 12″ or 14″ Far-UV Sterilray™ Lamp

Depending on width of duct

Product Use

The GermBuster Duct is designed to attack pathogens in HVAC systems.

Residential and Commercial models now available!

Its estimated Far-UV Sterilray™ Technology will save 10’s of millions of lives within the healthcare industry over the next 3O years.

The same Far-UV Sterilray™ breakthrough technology that is now being used in hospitals to combat health care infections, is now available to disinfect the air in your home. Flu viruses and other pathogens are microscopic and are transmitted in the air. 1 in every 5 Americans suffers from ailments related to indoor air quality.

Far-UV Sterilray™ achieved a 99.98% kill of pathogens in the time it takes for the airstream to pass by the lamp.

Far-UV Sterilray™ also destroys mold and allergens in these systems, as well as contaminates include germs, dust mites, fungus, molds, bacteria, and viruses.

This single-pass-kill capability is why GermBuster Duct is so effective.



Our patented Technology is called Far-UV Sterilray™

The Far-UV wavelength is completely different from the UVC wavelength in use for over 100 years.

Far-UV Sterilray™ Technology utilizes the Far-UV wavelength to destroy pathogens of all types.

Far-UV Sterilray™ kills most pathogens at a 99.99% effectiveness level in seconds or less.


Now Available:

150 watt self-contained GermBuster Duct for low cfm ducts or residential use.


  • The GermBuster Duct is easy to install.
  • Each unit ships with complete installation information.
  • Hotline where any contractor can call us for help and information if necessary.
  • Lamp length adjusted to width of duct.
  • Residential and Commercial units available.
  • We can treat any forced-air HVAC system.


The list of persons who are affected by poor air quality is surprising:

  • Approximately 40 million Americans have indoor/outdoor allergies as their primary allergy. Allergy prevalence overall has been increasing since the early 1980s across all age, sex and racial groups.
  • It is estimated that there may be 16 million people in the United States currently diagnosed with COPD.
  • There may be as many as an additional 14 million or more in the United States still undiagnosed.

* Those that may also benefit include:

  • Persons diagnosed with COPD
  • Persons with Hospital Acquired Infections which become active at home.
  •  Newborns susceptible to Rotaviruses.
  • Persons having Decreased Immune Systems – for example from Chemo or HIV.
  • Persons waiting and/or recovering from Organ or Bone Marrow transplants.
  • Persons using high doses of immune suppressants.
  • Persons affected by high Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), in the home from dry cleaning of carpets, furniture or clothes.  Or from insulation products.  Even laminated flooring.


  • Homes, Condos, Apartment buildings, etc.
  • Office buildings
  • Schools, Colleges, Child Care Centers, etc.
  • Public buildings
  • Any facility using filtering systems to attempt to reduce the number of contaminants in their air.
  •  Contaminates include germs, dust mites, fungus, molds, bacteria, and viruses.

    * Airborne contaminants can often pass through filters or catch on the filter material where they grow quickly.

    * Particles and contaminants that pass thru filters can cause irritation to mucous membranes and aggravate asthma and upper respiratory illnesses.

    * Flu viruses and other pathogens are microscopic and are transmitted in the air.

    * Viruses get through HEPA filters.

    * You inhale about 14,000 liters of air per day. It’s easy to see why lung disease is increasingly present in all ages, with children particularly vulnerable to dirty air.