Powered by Far-UV Sterilray™

The only 222nm with the power and long lamp life to be installed in HVAC systems

Long Lamp Life Far-UV technology
   with a 30,000 lamp life warranty.
Fewer Lamps replaces up to 20 UVC lamps
  yet can treat up to 40,000 cfm air handlers
Rugged Construction Can withstand harsh
   HVAC environments
No Electrodes – to wear out
No Mercury – or other dangerous materials
GermBuster HVAC clears HVAC coils of mold
and all other bio-growth.
HVAC Life 222nm lamps can reduces wear and
   tear, extends the life of HVAC systems.
GermBuser HVAC minimizes maintenance costs.
MERV 8 filters plus 222nm lamps equates to having
   MERV 13 filters but without the added back pressure
   on your HVAC system
GermBuser HVAC is not affected by
temperature or humidity.
Flexible financing options are available

Air Disinfection for entire facility

• Reduces the need for harsh cleaners and
  costly labor to clean coils.
• Provides the comfort that pathogen
  removal is occurring in the facility 24/7.
• Disinfects air quickly with minimum effort.
• Reduces cost of ownership, energy costs,
  maintenance, and consumables.
• Produces better Indoor Air Quality.

Proven Effective

ONE-FIFTH OF A SECOND … That’s all it takes for Far-UV Sterilray™ to eliminate 99.98% of the world’s most harmful bacteria in a 500 cfm (cubic feet per minute)  airstream. With unmatched speed, convenience, and effectiveness, the GermBuster-Air is changing the world of HVAC air handling installations through its groundbreaking use of Far-UV Sterilray™ technology.

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