MicrobeBuster™ Surface Unit

Product Use


MB-S Series:

Far-UV surface treatment units are designed to safely and effectively disinfect surfaces, conveyors, packages, food,  bottle caps, etc. at all critical points along a production line.

Increase the food safety objective by using multiple units throughout your facility.

These economical fixtures are available to be customized to your application.

Units can be used in series or parallel to achieve the desired level of disinfection.


Far-UV Sterilray™ is a new Far-UV technology that is up to 1,000 times more effective than germicidal UV-C.

Far-UV surface treatment units are designed specifically for commercial applications and utilize the proven Far-UV Sterilray™ technology necessary to safely and effectively disinfect surfaces of products, conveyors, and packaging.

Ideal for individual point-of-use applications as well as the final disinfection step prior to filling.


  • Dry, chemical-free disinfection.
  • Instant-on lamp for easy operation.
  • Green Clean – environmentally friendly.
  • No mercury or other dangerous materials in the lamp.
  • No residue left behind.
  • No electrodes or ballasts.
  • Not affected by temperature or humidity.
  • Automatic cut-off optional.
  • Variable power options.
  • No breakdown or fading of rubber or plastics.
  • Disinfection of all sides in one cycle optional.
  • No Ozone


All Surfaces, including Conveyor Belts, Packages, Food, Bottle Caps, etc.